Learn from others who have made the move! Create an environment that reflects your style, where you make more money, and you are the boss.
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The proof is in the numbers. Take a few minutes to use the Profit Calculator and compute how much more money you will make leasing a Salon Suite.
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InStyle Salon & Spa Suites has five locations in the western suburbs of Chicago. Schedule an appointment and we will give you the tour!
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Isn't It Time to Be Your Own Boss?

Choose your independence. Make more money. Lease your own InStyle Salon & Spa Suite today!

Join the Growing Salon Industry Trend

Leasing a Salon & Spa Suite affords you the many benefits of Salon Ownership, without the start-up cost
and ongoing overhead. Take back your freedom, invest in your future, and lease a salon suite today. Learn More.


Increase Your Profits

No more splitting revenue with your salon owner. Many of our salon tenants report
a 50% or more increase in their earnings! Double, Economy Double and Triple Salon Suites Available.



Choose Your Independence

Be your own boss. Work when you want to work and for how many hours you want.
You’ll have no more scheduling conflicts with other stylists. Massage and Nail Salon Suites Available.


“Having a suite with InStyle has been an amazing opportunity for us to be our own boss and set our own schedules, and maximize on the profits of what we do here.”

-Julie Dwyer, Face Value Skin Spa & Wax Studio, Algonquin, Suite 108

Julie Dwyer

I have over 30 years experience, in many different salons. InStyle is the second suite that I have been working in. It is also the suite I plan to retire from.”

- Laura McInerney, A Do For You, Elk Grove Village, Suite 107

Laura McInerney

“My clients love the intimate atmosphere in the professional setting.”

-Carla Vaccaro, Carla Marie Salon, Elk Grove Village, Suite 102

Carla Marie Salon

“I love the private, one-on-one environment and also love owning my own salon with minimal investment.”

- Sue Putignano, Salon 105, Algonquin

Sue Putignano
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